When The Bell Rings…

Strange isn’t it that a sound you love to hear regularly a number of times a day for years suddenly becomes a noise that you dread. I always say to people I meet that I am more than happy to receive a call 7 days a week up until 10pm. My phone playing its’ merry little tune conjures up promises of new orders, family sharing good times and friends arranging cosy get togethers. I am sure yours brings similar expectations.

Then without warning your world is turned upside down and your heart is in your mouth each time the bell rings.

Thus it has been so over the weekend. My beautiful 17 month Springer Jasmine was suddenly taken ill and rushed to the out of hours vet. “Jasmine has a 50/50 chance”. “The next 48 hours are crucial” “I will phone you if she takes a turn for the worst” I had palpitations every time the silence was shattered by the very instrument that had in the past brought me so much joy.

Thankfully normal service is now resumed. Jasmine is home and I delight once again in the music that interrupts my thoughts.