Walking the dogs on the beach

We were walking along Bude canal yesterday. Unique to Bude (Cornwall) the canal was constructed between 1819 and 1825 and was built to carry sand from the beach to enhance the poor quality agricultural land nearby.Today only parts of the Canal remain accessible, but a flat tarmac two mile path follows the line of the water up to Helebridge, making a great dog friendly walk any time of the year.

We came to the beach whereby we saw the notices advising dog owners of the times when dogs can roam freely on the beach and when they have to stay on the lead. A hefty fine of up to a £1000 could be implemented to those ignoring the information and at the very least a fixed penalty of £75 would  be imposed. Therefore at this time of year it is certainly worth doing some homework as to where you can and can’t take your dogs. The tourist season is upon us and sometimes dogs and the holiday maker just don’t mix.