Treat Your Dog To A Good Read.

We love to spoil our pets. Besides giving them delicious fresh vegetables like carrots and brocolli we adore giving them other tasty treats. But how many of us really look on the ingredients list to see what we are actually buying? It never ceases to amaze me how much there is that could be upsetting your dog’s tummy and causing other allergies.

Don’t be fooled by the bright enticing packaging or even the wording. It may very well contain cereals, vegetable proteins, sugar, chemical preservatives and colourings. Read the labelling. Choose treats that clearly state what is in them. If they are not 100% pure meat or fish check to see what other ingredients are listed. Fruit and vegetables etc or a small amount of rice or potato┬ácan be fine. If your pet has allergies check that they are grain free, lots are wheat gluten free too.

K9 Magic Meals has a unique selection of natural treats which you can either buy from us at markets (check out our events page), have them delivered locally with your Simpsons Premium order or go to our contact page and we’ll send you a list with┬áprices and post them out to you.