The Year Goes Marching On

It’s nearly the middle of March. Already we have experienced all four seasons from wintry snow to balmy summer temperatures.

The days are getting longer and it is comforting to know that the late afternoon/evening walks are  getting us and our four legged friends out for longer and enjoying the fresh air. Exercise is not only great for us but has huge benefits for our dogs too. It helps to keep them healthy and happy. Their joints need to be put through their full ranges of motion to keep everything moving and keep them from developing issues related to a sedentary lifestyle. It also keeps their weight down. Carrying too much weight can put a huge burden on a dog’s joints and organs causing them endless problems and in some cases pain.

Perhaps if you have an extremely energetic dog now might be the time to be looking at your local agility classes or perhaps Flyball. There’s lots out there to stimulate them and you can both be having fun together thus strengthening your bond to.