The 1940’s War Dogs

During World War 2 “Dogs For Defence” recruited more than 3000 dogs for sentry duties to help keep our shores safe from invasion. Their undertakingsĀ also included mine detecting,tunnelling and tracking.

Dogs were used as messengers and proved to be as reliable as soldiers in the dangerous job of running messages. They were used to get vital messages from the front to HQ or vice versa.

Our four legged friends were also used as search and rescue dogs and proved to be invaluable in locating casualties in the bombings and on the battle fields.What a welcome sight they would have been.

To me the most fascinating fact of all is that as plans were being made for D Day and the fight ahead, the 13th (Lancashire)Parachute Battalion of the British Army developed a new weapon; parachuting dogs. The so called Paradogs were parachuted down behind enemy lines to perform such tasks as locating mines, keeping watch and warning about enemies.