We sponsor YDUK2

Proudly Sponsoring the Yellow Dog Project

Yellow Dog is an international campaign to create awareness around the world that “Some Dogs Need Space”

A YELLOW RIBBON on a dogs lead or other yellow indicator such as a yellow bandana or yellow coat means a dog needs space. It may not like being approached by other dogs or strangers.

Yes, it is very important that dogs are socialised for their well being and development. However there are many reasons a dog needs space. It may be in season, unwell, old and grumpy, had an operation, nervous or in training. If you see a dog wearing a yellow ribbon please recall your dog so that the other dog and its owner have time to move out of your way. We need to make dog walking a pleasurable experience for everyone.

For more information please go to www.yellowdoguk.co.uk or if you would like a yellow ribbon please contact me at your convenience.

K9 Magic Meals is proud to be sponsoring this excellent initiative.