Measuring In The New Year.

It is a sad fact that many dogs are fat. If they are overweight they are more likely to suffer from disabling medical conditions such as Diabetes, Arthritus, Heart Conditions, the list is endless. An overweight dog is more likely to die at a younger age. Unfortunately  many people fail to recognise a fat dog.

I speak to pet owners all the time who say their dog hardly eats anything. I always ask them to make a daily list for a week to see what their dog actually does eat. It always surprises them. Every little titbit has a calorific value which all adds up. One of the most important things to do is weigh out the food. Very few people get it right if they guess. It may not look much in the bowl but add a bit of water to it and see how much it expands.

A dog doesn’t necessarily need a specialist diet food either. The right level of a quality dog food combined with exercise will have the desired effect. You owe it to your best friend. Measure in the New Year.