Lest We Forget

The 11th day of the 11th month looms once again reminding us what sacrifices were made for us in the name of peace. Did you know that dogs played a huge part in the wars also?

Dogs were used as messengers and proved to be as reliable as soldiers in the dangerous job of running messages. The complexities of trench warfare meant communication was very difficult indeed. The dogs were fast, a much lesser target than a human, and got many vital information through.

There were Mascot dogs. They lived in the trenches with the men trapped in them. The dogs provided a psychological comfort that took away, albeit briefly, the horrors the men lived through.

Surprisingly there were also Para dogs. These dogs were trained to parachute down to the armies and had many tasks such as locating mines, keeping watch, running messages and warning of the enemy approaching.

The search and rescue dogs were trained to find casualties in the bombings on homeland and in the battlefields. How welcome to the victims must have been the sound of scrabbling paws and the feel of a wet nose.

Today our canine companions still continue to play a vital role for our serving and former military personnel. Where would we be without them?