Sad dog

I Have Another Story.

I have another story

That I would like to tell

Of poor little Lassie

Who wasn’t very well


Master Timmy took her

To the vet to get a pill

For treatment of itchy skin

That had made his dog so ill


The vet said Oooh and Aaah

You need a soothing cream

But when Timmy got the bill

It nearly made him scream


The vet had looked for seconds,

Rubbed his hands with glee.

If only Master Timmy

Had first spoken to me


For I could have told him

Not to spend all his dosh

When the first thing to do

Was look at Lassie’s nosh


If it contained derivatives

Colourings, salt and more

This could be the cause

Of making Lassie sore.


I’d suggest a change in food

To our sensitive range

He would notice given time

A most miraculous change


So please do remember

K9 Magic Meals is the name

Saving you lots of money

In the long term is our game