Sad dog

Fireworks Terrify Animals

Fireworks terrify many animals and at this time of year in particular fear is instilled into many of them. There are enormous loud noises and flashing whizzing lights none of which these poor animals understand. It threatens their sense of well being and security. Dogs and CatsĀ have very acute hearing so it all seems so much louder to them and the huge bangs and whistles can sometimes cause pain in their ears.

Here are a few little tips that may help.

Walk dogs in daylight hours only. Give them a good long walk to tire them out.

Bring your cat indoors well before darkness begins to fall.

Ensure your doors and windows are closed so that your pet cannot escape (don’t forget to block off cat flaps)

Turn on music or the television a little louder than normal to mask the sounds a little.

Give your dog or cat a safe place to hideaway that they feel comfortable in.

You know your pet so you decide whether it’s best to comfort him/her or to leave well alone.

Try not to leave your pets alone in the home in this potentially upsetting time. If you have to go out don’t get angry if you find on your return that they have been destructive or messed anywhere. Shouting at a stressed animal will only make matters worse.

Dogs often drink more when they are worried so ensure their water bowl is kept topped up.

If your dog is displaying mild anxiety distract him with a game, favourite treat or toy.

You may wish to research dog calming collars, blankets or thunder thundershirts.

Talk to your friends and find out what works for their pets.

This list is not exhaustive and is a guide only.