Which food do you recommend for my dog?

Each dog is different and may have different dietary needs often based on age, health and any medical conditions. Most will be absolutely fine on our brown rice range whilst others may thrive on our sensitive grain free range. We are always happy to discuss your dogs needs and offer advice.

What should I feed my puppy?

We recommend that you feed one of the four puppy foods in our range. These contain more of the nutrients and calories required by your puppy to assist in its successful development. As a rule of thumb the puppy can change to adult food at about a year old.

My dog won't eat his food, will Simpsons Premium Help?

More often than not fussy eating habits are more about the owner than the dog. When feeding a fussy eater put the dog food down and leave for about 20 minutes. If your dog hasn’t eaten it take it up until the next recognised meal time. Make sure that neither you or other family members are feeding your dog human food or treats that may seem more appealing than his dog food, he may hold out for these instead. Simpsons premium dog foods have a typically high meat content which may make it palatable to your dog and may help resolve his eating problem.

Clearing up after my dog is difficult due to loose stools, what should I do?

Very often loose stools are due to a digestive sensitivity. This can be exacerbated by feeding a food containing grain. We often find that simply changing to one of our sensitive, grain free products will firm up the stools.

My dog is always scratching, could this be to do with his food?

Is your dog currently on a grain based diet? If so this could be the problem. We would recommend a dietary change to a grain free product such as our Salmon and potato which is high in omega oils. You will also need to ensure that any treats you give are grain free and don’t undermine your dog’s new diet. We would recommend that the new regime is continued for at least eight weeks to allow for reliable results.

I have a large dog do you do a large kibble?

Our kibble is suitable for all size and breed of dogs we have breeds from Pomeranians to Mastiffs and all in between.

I have an older dog who is prone to putting on weight, what would you recommend?

Our senior/ light with chicken and rice is specifically made for dogs who are perhaps older or overweight or neutered or have a tendency to put on weight easily. This product is lower in calories and has double the joint supplement aiding older dogs with joint issues.

My dog has joint problems, what would you recommend?

The entire Simpsons range of dog foods contain a joint package consisting of Glucosamine, chondroitin and MSM. These help maintain the health of your dog’s bones and joints, and can assist with arthritis and hip dysplasia. The MSM in the package also acts as an anti-inflammatory and offers natural pain relief.

Are oats a good ingredient in dog food?

Oats are packed with nutrients and provide a great source of energy. Among the nutrients included are protein, magnesium, Vitamin B1, dietary fibre, phosphorus, manganese, selenium and tryptophan. They also contain beta-glucagon, a special type of fibre which lowers cholesterol, reducing the likelihood of heart disease, helps to fight infections, viruses and parasites among many other conditions. So despite being a grain, they are gluten free and provide many benefits to your dog’s health