Choosing a Good Dog Walker

Recommendation is always a good place to start when choosing a reliable dog walker. Trust your own instincts as well. However here are a few questions you may wish to ask the person who is going to have responsibilty for your most treasured companion. (It is not exhaustive). Special thanks go to Helen of www.thedogfatherdevon.co.uk

  1. How many dogs are walked at any one time?
  2. Do you have up to date Public Liability Insurance/what is covered/may I see it?
  3. Is your van/car kitted out for the safety and comfort of the dogs?
  4. Where do you walk the dogs?
  5. Have you gained any Canine Qualifications such as first aid, handling, behaviour etc diplomas/certificates?
  6. What is your experience with dogs?
  7. Do you carry a first aid kit in your car/van?
  8. Do you hold a boarding license? (It is required for boarding and also day care dogs)
  9. What is your key control policy for our property?
  10. Do you dry the dogs off (as best you can) before drop off & wear over shoes when entering our property?