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  • I Have Another Story.

    10:12 am : 10th Jun, 2019

    I have another story That I would like to tell Of poor little Lassie Who wasn’t very well   Master Timmy took her To the vet to get a pill For treatment of itchy skin That had made his dog so ill   The vet said Oooh and Aaah You need a soothing cream But […]

  • A Little Poem For You to Enjoy

    11:21 am : 12th Apr, 2019

    I got an email message From our chairman who’s called Dan He asked me if I could do a talk I replied “I think I can”   But I tossed and turned I couldn’t sleep at night Thoughts of standing up here Gave me such a fright.   For what was there to speak about […]

  • Bank Holiday Deliveries

    11:17 am : 12th Apr, 2019

    If you need a delivery for the Easter weekend and it is posted out to you then please order by Wednesday 17th April 2pm. After that and it will be with you on Wednesday 24th April. Local deliveries by ourselves will carry on regardless of the BH weekend, just order as normal.

  • How Much Is That Doggy In The Window?

    3:55 pm : 13th Mar, 2019

    The cost of owning a dog can be tremendous starting from whether you have a pure bred or not, how “fashionable” they are or if they are a rare breed. There’s microchipping, vets bills, food, toys, bedding not forgetting if you need to pay for a dog walker, puppy classes and insurance. However, they promote […]

  • The Year Goes Marching On

    3:00 pm : 13th Mar, 2019

    It’s nearly the middle of March. Already we have experienced all four seasons from wintry snow to balmy summer temperatures. The days are getting longer and it is comforting to know that the late afternoon/evening walks are  getting us and our four legged friends out for longer and enjoying the fresh air. Exercise is not […]

  • Simpsons Premium Price Increase

    9:09 pm : 1st Feb, 2019

    As from the 1st March 2019 Simpsons will be putting their prices up along with most other pet food suppliers. This is the first increase in 2 years. The rice range will go up by £2.90 and the potato range by £3.30. I am sure you will agree this still is good value for an […]

  • Happy New Year

    5:57 pm : 5th Jan, 2019

    We would like to wish you all a very Happy New Year full of kindness and laughter. Good old fashioned service with modern day convenience is our motto and we will do our very best to deliver this at all times. Enjoy each and every day, take nothing for granted and make time to stop […]

  • What Happened To January?

    8:12 pm : 15th Dec, 2018

    Whatever did happen to January? One moment we were heralding the start of the New Year and the next we find January has disappeared and the days are getting slightly longer. Here at K9 Magic Meals we had a great start to 2019. As always we take nothing for granted and would like to thank […]

  • Treat Your Dog to a Healthier lifestyle

    4:52 pm : 9th Nov, 2018

    Do you know what ingredients are in your treats? At this time of year the shops are full of wonderful christmas themed treats. There are sticks of candy, trees, stars to name just a few in wonderful red and green colours to catch your eye. But what exactly is in that chew or biscuit you […]

  • Lest We Forget

    12:14 pm : 2nd Nov, 2018

    The 11th day of the 11th month looms once again reminding us what sacrifices were made for us in the name of peace. Did you know that dogs played a huge part in the wars also? Dogs were used as messengers and proved to be as reliable as soldiers in the dangerous job of running […]