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  • New Year Resolutions

    3:46 pm : 17th Jan, 2020

    Lots of people decide to make New Year’s resolutions.  That is the easy part, the making of them. The difficulty is usually sticking to them. That includes me which is why this year I have made none. However, what about making one for our dogs? Perhaps they need more exercise, to lose weight, to become […]

  • Christmas post outs

    8:50 am : 19th Dec, 2019

    Friday 20th December is the last day for delivery before Christmas. Post outs will be on 23/24th December but will be with you between Christmas and the New Year, There will be no post outs between 25th and the 29th December. Merry Christmas and thank you for your custom. Local deliveries will carry on as […]

  • The Fairy Dogmother

    9:32 am : 2nd Oct, 2019

    “You are the fairy Dogmother” A customer did say She put her usual order in And got it the same day   Wow. That was really quick I must tell all my friends Waiting around for DPD Sends them round the bend   And so the lady oft she went To skip and jump and […]

  • Your New Puppy

    7:56 am : 16th Sep, 2019

    When you collected your puppy the breeder should have given you a supply of puppy food. But is it a good one? Simpsons Premium have 3 varieties. The puppy chicken & rice and puppy salmon and potato both contain 45% meat or fish. The puppy 80/20 contains 80% meat & fish. If you’d like some […]

  • Itchy, Scratchy Skin?

    8:18 am : 9th Sep, 2019

    Does your dog have itchy, scratchy skin? Have you considered that the food you are feeding him/her may be the cause of this? If you would like some samples of the Simpsons Premium grain free food then please get in touch via my website or phone or text me on 07772 613796 and I’ll pop […]

  • Underweight and Overweight Dogs

    11:23 am : 29th Jul, 2019

      I’d like you to imagine A dog that is to thin He needs K9 Magic Meals To put the goodness in.   We have salmon, lamb or duck To put the weight back on Before you even know it He’ll be big and strong.   I’d like you to imagine A dog that is to […]

  • I Have Another Story.

    10:12 am : 10th Jun, 2019

    I have another story That I would like to tell Of poor little Lassie Who wasn’t very well   Master Timmy took her To the vet to get a pill For treatment of itchy skin That had made his dog so ill   The vet said Oooh and Aaah You need a soothing cream But […]

  • A Little Poem For You to Enjoy

    11:21 am : 12th Apr, 2019

    I got an email message From our chairman who’s called Dan He asked me if I could do a talk I replied “I think I can”   But I tossed and turned I couldn’t sleep at night Thoughts of standing up here Gave me such a fright.   For what was there to speak about […]

  • Bank Holiday Deliveries

    11:17 am : 12th Apr, 2019

    If you need a delivery for the Easter weekend and it is posted out to you then please order by Wednesday 17th April 2pm. After that and it will be with you on Wednesday 24th April. Local deliveries by ourselves will carry on regardless of the BH weekend, just order as normal.

  • How Much Is That Doggy In The Window?

    3:55 pm : 13th Mar, 2019

    The cost of owning a dog can be tremendous starting from whether you have a pure bred or not, how “fashionable” they are or if they are a rare breed. There’s microchipping, vets bills, food, toys, bedding not forgetting if you need to pay for a dog walker, puppy classes and insurance. However, they promote […]