A Little Poem For You to Enjoy

I got an email message

From our chairman who’s called Dan

He asked me if I could do a talk

I replied “I think I can”


But I tossed and turned

I couldn’t sleep at night

Thoughts of standing up here

Gave me such a fright.


For what was there to speak about

Of interest to you all?

“I do not have a dog or cat”

Is a phrase that some may call.


And then I thought how sad I feel

For those of you without

A little four legged friend to share

Your world full of love, no doubt.


It set me about a thinking

What makes a perfect pet?

Now if I asked you the question

Many answers I would get.


For some you’d say a little one

Like a Yorkie that I saw.
He looked so adorable

When he sat & held up a paw.


Perhaps you’d want a spaniel

Madly chasing a ball

Or could it be a Frenchie

The friendliest of all?


Maybe you’d want an Afghan

With eyelashes that do a flutter?

“I prefer a Doberman”

I can hear someone mutter.


But first before you get a dog

There’s a lot to think about.

Who is going to walk him

When you’re a gadabout?


You cannot leave them all alone

For they will only bark.

You’ll need a friendly dogwalker

Who’ll take them to the park.


You’ll need a crate, a bed, a blanket,

To lay their weary head

And then you’ll have to think about

What will they be fed?


Down you go to your local shop

The shelves hold a vast array

Of colourful bags of dog food

To confuse you all the way.


Do you buy the blue bag

Or should the choice be green?

But stop, check the ingredients

All is not what it seems.


Glucosamine and Chondroitin

Derivatives and ash.

Would you know what you’re looking for?

I could tell you in a flash.


And if you dare to choose that day

A 12 kilo bag you’ll find

Is extremely heavy to carry

And can be quite a bind.


Do you put in on the back seat

Between the squabbling kids

Or squash it in the boot

Amongst dog, your food and lids?


Have you seen the silver van

With the great big orange paw?

Oh yes, It’s K9 Magic Meals

I hear you say in awe.


Now we’ve been selling Simpsons

For at least 5 years or more

All you do is call us.
We deliver right to your door.


There are three puppy mixtures

For adults you’ll find nine

The main ingredient’s meat or fish

A healthy feast divine.


We offer next day free delivery

You can pay by cash or card

PayPal or bank transfer

We never make it hard.


We like to put our customers first

Be they two legged or four

And we’re always happily greeted

By a waggly tail at the door.


There’s two English bull dogs

Like bowling balls they shove

Each other out the way

To show it’s me they love.


But I am under no illusion

It’s cupboard love you see.

They know there’s a treat in my pocket.

That’s what they love. Not me.


There’s tripe & lamb, duck & fish

Many others made with meat

We’ve even got some natural chews

So give your dog a treat

Good old fashioned service

With modern day convenience

Is what we always offer

Creating a great experience.


And if like Mother Hubbard

You find your cupboard bare

Call us, text us, phone us

And quickly we’ll be there.


So please do remember

K9 Magic Meals is the name

Tell everyone about us

Customer service is our game.