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  • Your New Puppy

    7:56 am : 16th Sep, 2019

    When you collected your puppy the breeder should have given you a supply of puppy food. But is it a good one? Simpsons Premium have 3 varieties. The puppy chicken & rice and puppy salmon and potato both contain 45% meat or fish. The puppy 80/20 contains 80% meat & fish. If you’d like some […]

  • Itchy, Scratchy Skin?

    8:18 am : 9th Sep, 2019

    Does your dog have itchy, scratchy skin? Have you considered that the food you are feeding him/her may be the cause of this? If you would like some samples of the Simpsons Premium grain free food then please get in touch via my website or phone or text me on 07772 613796 and I’ll pop […]