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  • Nature’s Toothbrushes

    3:29 pm : 20th Jun, 2018

    Are you looking for a natural chew that won’t splinter or leave an awful gooey mess on your carpets and flooring? Deer shed their antlers naturally¬†each year (they grow back a new pair). They are collected cleaned, washed and cut to various¬†sizes. Dogs love them. The chewroot is the root tuber of a hardwood tree […]

  • Goodbye Roxy

    6:06 pm : 19th Jun, 2018

    It is always difficult saying goodbye to your dearest friend, confidante, loyal dog. However out of great love also comes a huge loss eventually. I recently had a phone call from a customer who without warning had to have her “fourth child” gently put to sleep. Her two daughters wept on their beds clutching Roxy’s […]